My name is Dee and I live a life of chaos. My house, yard, work, relationship and pretty much my entire life are cluttered.

I want to live a minimalist life. I see it as being more organized, less stressful, peaceful and easier to maintain. All doable but I have a long way to go to reach that goal.

My partner has low-grade hoarding tendencies. While he is the one with the problem it affects myself and my step-daughter. There is no way for me to live with him without suffering misery, confusion, and angst. Most of those feelings are due to being surrounded by ‘stuff’ (also often referred to as crap or shit) that I don’t want in the house.

Within the posts of this blog, you will learn my story of how I am going from dealing with hoarding to embracing minimalism. I will be sharing my personal tips and tricks to help you do the same! Join me as I go through every room of my house and eliminate obstacles in my physical path but also in my mental and emotional path.

Warning: I have a foul mouth. The more emotional I become the more cursing will come out. If you can’t handle seeing the ‘F’ word in print then please back out now.